Monte delle Vigne

Monte delle Vigne, 60 hectares of vineyards merged with the harmonious landscape of the gentle hills around Parma, up to 300 mt high for the production of fine quality wines. 

The ancient “Via Francigena”, which in the medieval time led the pilgrims from Canterbury to Rome, divides the grapes exposed to east, Malvasia and Sauvignon, and the reds exposed to west, Barbera and Bonarda. In the center of the vineyard : Merlot, Chardonnay and the distinctive Lambrusco and with them the new winery, hypogean, with a gravity pressing system, perfectly merged with the surrounding landscape and designed to get the best qualitative result from what Nature is offering us. 

Our wines, made by a particular combination of the local tradition (sparkling wines) together with an innovation carried on in the years with passion, patience and know-how (still wines), have now become well known around the world in the channel for their quality and for the strong link with their origins, as pure expression of an exclusive and unique terroir.


Above, to the east, there is the old Via Francigena, the pilgrim route that used to lead pilgrims from Canterbury to Rome; it brings the ancient history of these places to your mind. 

The Antico Casale offers its customers the opportunity to enjoy a unique area to be used for several purposes: corporate and/or institutional events, conferences, workshops, business conventions, team building meetings, training meetings, wedding parties and other events. 

The large inside hall, organisable and divisible in different areas and settings, when needed, is equipped with large windows that overlook the vineyards directly. 

From here, guests can enjoy the view of the rows of vines, along the soft hills that mark the surrounding territory. 

These intense colours and exciting scents make the Antico Casale delle Vigne a real Suite of the wine.