A.I. Artisanal Intelligence

We are proud to share Fidenza Village partnership with A.I. Artisal Intelligence exhibition in Rome supported by Value Retail.

The “Studio’” is the workplace of both the artist and artisan. A place where creative thought takes shape. A.I. Artisanal Intelligence reconstructs this space of emotional memory and craftsmanship, inspired by experimentation with shapes and colour.
Ideas, accessories and creations will interact freely, due their affinity and style, reconnecting even after a distance of time. They will pair visually with signs and colours, in the aesthetic synthesis of hand-sewn, woven beauty. This is a flow that unceasingly traverses the environment, leaving simply a trace, a brushstroke, an image, an intangible entity like an artistic theory. Each situation is the documentation of the experiment or test used to achieve the result. It is the celebration of fashion as a phenomenon reviving the enthusiasm for the skill involved in artisanship and poetic romanticism. It encapsulates spiritualism, allegories, fairytale symbols and the re-imagining of impoverished sportswear, thanks to the culture of this new virtual world. This is the luxury of a studied artifact, technical skills, the control of time and the working stages; a process that connects architecture, design and the history of fashion to high-end craftsmanship.

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