Summer Festival August

Thursdays show calendar of August:

3 August
-Camillocromo, Marching band Florentine; Itinerant show
20.00; 21.15; 22.00 
-Teatro Tascabile, dance on stilts and walzer, itinerant performance
21.30 - 22.00
-Mr Dyvinetz, acrobatic show
21.00; 22.00 

10 Augusto
-BandaKadabra, marching band; Itinerant show
20.00; 20.30; 21.30 
-Les Mobilettes in Cafe’, interactive show
-Sivouplait, pantomime
21.00; 22.00 

17 August 
-L’Excuse in Homocatodicus, interactive robots, itinerant performance
20.30; 21.45 
-Camillocromo, Florentine marching band; Itinerant show
20.00; 21.30 
-Sivouplait, pantomime
-20.00; 21.00, 22.00 

 24 August
-Roaring Emily band, marching band, traveling show
20.00; 21.45 
-Teatro Tascabile, parade and walzer on stilts, itinerant performance
-Duo Masawa, Italian-Argentine acrobatic show
20.30; 21.30 



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