Founded in 2002, Peuterey is the flagship brand of the Peuterey Group. Design, innovation, and quality are the hallmarks of a company which stands out for its elegant, yet relaxed style represented by contemporary “luxury casualwear” products.

Peuterey is the expression of a dynamic lifestyle which unfolds against the backdrop of a bustling city as well as of a natural scenery, during an international business trip or a restful getaway. It’s an informal, yet impeccable code made of reassuring lines and attention to details. A world which began with a jacket —the company’s signature garment— and has grown into a multifaceted, practical, sober universe.

The brand reinterpreted casual apparel and made it sophisticated, cool, and captivating. That’s how Peuterey became the symbol of functional luxury with a strong identity, and succeeded in creating refined blazers, down jackets, coats, field jackets, knitwear, pants, dresses, and accessories designed to adapt to your days and nights. Defined by a philosophy which mingles glamour, comfort and performance, the project underlying Peuterey gives shape to a global style which fits every road, season, and mood.