Shopping Express®

From the 2nd of July to the 5th of August, free Shopping Express®


For the Summer Festival running until 30 August, evening coaches will run every Thursday at the following times:

From Milan:

6.15 pm Piazza Duomo (in front of taxi station) TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED

6.30 pm Piazza Della Repubblica/Via Turati (in front of the newsstand)


From Fidenza Village: 23 pm


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Present your Shopping Express® ticket at The Concierge and receive a VIP Card, for an additional 10% off the Fidenza Village price, and the Hands-free Shopping service for free. 

For further information, please call +39 0524 33 55 1


Departures from Milan:

9.45 am from Piazza Duomo 17 - in front of Taxi station (MM1 -MM3 “DUOMO”) TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED
10.15 am - Piazza Della Repubblica 5, at the corner of Via Turati (in front of the newsstand, MM2) 
11.15 am - Via dell'Artigianato, Piacenza (in front of Decathlon) - by reservation only
11.45 am - arrival at Fidenza Village


Departures from Fidenza Village:

5.30 pm from Fidenza Village:
6 pm stops in Piacenza Sud (by reservation only)
7 pm stops in Piazza Duomo 17 TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED
7.15 pm stops in Piazza della Repubblica 5, at the corner of Via Turati.