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How to Wear a Navy Suit

Paul reveals just how versatile a classic navy suit can be, and five ways to wear this staple of any man’s wardrobe


If you only own one suit, make it a classic

If you only own one suit then it should be a classic navy blue, black or dark grey suit. 

If you imagine the suit as a picture frame, it’s what you put in the picture that creates your character. 


Dress it down, or smarten it up

A navy blue suit with a white shirt is perfect for every occasion. 

Match it with black or brown leather shoes for a formal look or with some white trainers if you want to look more modern. 

If a white shirt feels too formal, swap it for a chambray shirt, or even a simple white T-shirt. That will give you a very relaxed, casual outfit.


Choose your belt carefully

The general rule is to match the colour of your belt and your shoes; If you’re wearing black shoes then you should wear a black belt.

But if you’ve chosen to wear trainers then you can try a colourful, striped or patterned belt. The fact that you’re wearing trainers is immediately putting out a more casual way of dressing.


Add your character with accessories

The other way to liven up a classic suit is with accessories.

A colourful sock, a tie of your choice, or something simple like a little tie bar, which clips onto the tie, is another way to show your character.

When it comes to jewellery, that’s entirely up to you. I like to wear a few friendship bracelets or small bracelet in platted leather, which still looks very masculine.


Don’t be afraid to break up the set

You don’t always have to wear the separate parts of your suit together.

The suit jacket goes well with classic blue jeans or colourful chinos and the trousers will look great with a striped wool jumper and a pair of trainers.