Il Terzo Giorno exhibition – Young Artists

Discover the installation at Fidenza Village

Fidenza Village displays the work of talented young artists to promote Il Terzo Giorno in Parma

Fidenza Village partners the exhibition Il Terzo Giorno

This artistic event in the centre of Parma takes visitors on a journey through the third day of Genesis, the birth of nature. The exhibition also focuses on environmental sustainability and offers an unexpected poetic interpretation of the subject. There, a total of 142 works by national and international artists are exhibited, under the curation of art critic Didi Bozzini.

As part of the showcase, nine young artists attended a creative workshop entitled ‘Uomo Animale e Numero’ in the children’s atelier in the Palazzo del Governatore exhibit. There they were inspired by artist Andrea Marescalchi, whose work represents man, animals that represent man and numbers.

The young artists, each aged 10 to 14 and led by teacher Hélène Taiocchi, have made a collective artwork with the numbers from 1 to 9 on the back, which represent a magic square, while on the front are nine images of the animal that each boy believes represents himself.

The young artists have drawn inspiration from Marescalchi’s original works Vagatigre (2004), Serpe (1997) and Monkeytime (1999).

Technique: ink, brushes

Materials: sketch paper, drawing paper, vinyl glue


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Enjoy the workshop into the Concierge!