Enjoy all the services dedicated to your four-legged friend

Please enjoy all the services dedicated to you and your four-legged friend:

- A green space just for them

- Drinking bowls in all restaurants and in the Concierge area



1. Dogs accompanied by owners are welcome anywhere in the Village as long as they are on a lead.

2. If dogs have previously shown aggressive behaviour, they must wear a muzzle.

3. Anyone with a dog must clean up after them in all areas.

4. You must have the tools you require to clean up after your pet (e.g. plastic bags). If you don’t, you can find them in the dedicated green area or in The Concierge. 

5. Please take care with dogs who are ill, unvaccinated or in heat.

6. Owners are responsible for the welfare of their dogs, but are also liable from a criminal or civil perceptive for any damage or injury to people, animals and/or goods caused by them.

7. Fidenza Village Management may deny access to dogs who cause annoyance to other guests or in the case of non-compliance with these rules.

Dogs are welcome here at Fidenza Village!