Be Front Row Ready


The Extraordinary Maestro

Giuseppe Verdi's most famous operas are reinterpreted as a showcase of new-season fashion.

In the centre of the Village, in front of the obelisk, two young lovers embrace, their hands tied by a gold chain. It’s an impossible love, a farewell. They are a modern-day Aida and Radames.

Radames wears Zadig & Voltaire 
Shirt Retail Price 145€ - Fidenza Village Price 97€; Trousers Retail Price 195€ - Fidenza Village Price 130€; Boots Retail Price 340€ - Fidenza Village Price 227€.

Aida wears Missoni
Band Retail Price 156€ - Fidenza Village Price 98€; Earrings Retail Price 456€ - Fidenza Village Price 295€; Dress Retail Price 2.574€ - Fidenza Village Price 1.670€; Sweater Retail Price 582€ - Fidenza Village Price 375€.
Sergio Rossi Shoes Retail Price 550€ - Fidenza Village Price 330€.


As they leave the Teatro Regio di Parma, ‘the home of opera’, two friends – perhaps also love rivals – have just had an argument. Their characters recall Abigaille and Fenena, the heroines of Verdi’s Nabucco.

Fenena wears P.A.R.O.S.H.
Pullover Retail Price 428€ - Fidenza Village Price 256€; Skirt Retail Price 406€ - Fidenza Village Price 243€.

Abigaille wears Marni
Dress Retail Price 2,200€ - Fidenza Village Price 1,100€; Pullover Retail Price 890€ - Fidenza Village Price 445€; Shoes Retail Price 690€ - Fidenza Village Price 345€.

Nike Sneakers Retail Price 121€ - Fidenza Village Price 84€.


At the Parco Ducale di Parma the sun is setting, the light shines through the trees and illuminates a young Giovanna D’arco. She is a beautiful woman at the centre of an epic scene, a diva on the stage of a Giuseppe Verdi opera. Passers-by can be seen in the frame, and we move into the present, the backdrop is the beautiful city of Parma.

Giovanna D'Arco wears Twinset
Dress Retail Price 440€ - Fidenza Village Price 286€; Sash Retail Price 95€ - Fidenza Village Price 62€; Strass belt Retail Price 78€ - Fidenza Village Price 51€; Leather belt Retail Price 78€ - Fidenza Village Price 51€.


They’ve just met on the tree-lined avenue that leads to the Village. She’s ready for an elegant party, he’s about to leave. Their love has just blossomed, but they can’t be together, their tragic destiny is the same of that of Elisabeth and Don Carlo in the forest of Fontainebleau

Elisabetta wears Red Valentino 
Dress Retail Price 1,250€ - Fidenza Village Price 810€; Headband Retail Price 95€ - Fidenza Village Price 60€; Shoes Retail Price 475€ - Fidenza Village Price 285€.

Don Carlo wears Ermenegildo Zegna 


A meeting at the Grand Hotel et de Milan’s Don Carlos restaurant. A fortune-teller reads a young man’s destiny in her tarot cards, revealing a shocking secret. The scene suddenly changes: he is Manrico, the troubadour and she is Azucena, the gipsy, characters immortalised in Giuseppe Verdi's opera Il Trovatore.

Azucena wears Vivienne Westwood 
Dress Retail Price 2,340€ - Fidenza Village Price 1,170€; Shoes Retail Price 750€ - Fidenza Village Price 375€.

Manrico wears Paul Smith 
Shirt Retail Price 285€ - Fidenza Village Price 99€; Trousers Retail Price 230€ - Fidenza Village Price 79€; Shoes Retail Price 375€ - Fidenza Village Price 199€.


The party has just finished, a man dressed as Rigoletto is resting on the sofa backstage at the Teatro Regio di Parma. He caresses a girl, protecting her with the same care that a loving father has for his daughter. The white lily she is holding is a symbol of purity. She is Gilda, daughter of the jester and heroine of the opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi.

Rigoletto wears Vivienne Westwood 
Jumpsuit Retail Price 1,295€ - Fidenza Village Price 841€; Shoes Retail Price 415€ - Fidenza Village Price 249€; Bracelet Retail Price 210€ - Fidenza Village Price 137€.

Gilda wears Marni 
Pullover Retail Price 790€ - Fidenza Village Price 395€; Skirt Retail Price 980€ - Fidenza Village Price 490€; Shoes Retail Price 770€ - Fidenza Village Price 385€.


Dawn is breaking at Sforzesco Castle in Milan. A girl is wandering around, sleepwalking, holding a candle in her hand. Her boyfriend follows close behind, steadying her. He is a contemporary Macbeth, strong and proud, trying to calm her torment by allowing her to abandon it.

Macbeth wears Belstaff
Leather Jacket Retail Price 1,595€ - Fidenza Village Price 595€; Trousers Retail Price 295€ - Fidenza Village Price 65€; Boots Retail Price 525€ - Fidenza Village Price 159€.

Lady Macbeth wears...
Pinko Dress Retail Price 365€ - Fidenza Village Price 241€; Pinko Belt Retail Price 230€ - Fidenza Village Price 152€; Sergio Rossi Shoes 795€ - Fidenza Village Price 475€.

Guess - Pochette
130 € 79,90 €

In the Grand Hotel et De Milan’s Verdi suite, two young lovers are preparing for an elegant party. The white camellia the young woman hands the man is a sign, a coded message, a secret language. They are the modern-day versions of Alfredo and Violetta, performers of a contemporary interpretation of La Traviata.

Violetta wears...
Blumarine Dress; Wolford Collant Retail Price 35€ - Fidenza Village Price 25€; Le Silla Shoes Retail Price 401€ - Fidenza Village Price 206€.
Alfredo wears...
Boggi Gilet Retail Price 159€ - Fidenza Village Price 99,90€; Boggi Shirt Retail Price 89€ - Fidenza Village Price 59.90€;
Boggi Trousers Retail Price 139€ - Fidenza Village Price 89.90€; Gallo Socks Retail Price 38€ - Fidenza Village Price 25.47€;  Fratelli Rossetti Shoes Retail Price 620€ - Fidenza Village Price 315€.


Are they friends or rivals? At noon, two boys challenge each other on the main street of the Village. What is that handkerchief that appears from Otello's pocket? It’s the seed of jealousy, planted by Iago. Human emotions transform an everyday scene into an opera by Giuseppe Verdi.

Otello wears Hugo Boss
Coat Retail Price 695€ - Fidenza Village Price 486€; Shirt Retail Price 199€ - Fidenza Village Price 139€; Trousers Retail Price 179€ - Fidenza Village Price 125€; Shoes Retail Price 450€ - Fidenza Village Price 270€.

Iago wears Aspesi
Parka Retail Price 605€ -  Fidenza Village Price 365€; Trousers Retail Price 210€ - Fidenza Village Price 130€; Shirt Retail Price 210€ - Fidenza Village Price 130€.

Marni - Borsa
2.200 € 1.100 €
Hugo Boss - Cintura
110 € 71 €