Love Mania

Fidenza Village presents LOVE, in collaboration with miart, a creative project featuring artworks by illustrator and street artist, Camilla Falsini.

A concept as simple as it is courageous: the project brings LOVE to unexpected places, such as the metro stations, billboards, city walls and shop windows, as giant letters in the heart of Milan.
And it is during fashion week, right in the heart of the action in Croce Rossa square, that Fidenza Village has asked four female talents to answer the most difficult question of all: what is love?


For Camilla Falsini, illustrator and street artist, love is not just one colour; it is a whole spectrum of colours. Love is a mysterious concept.

For Valeria Margherita Mosca, forager and scientific populariser, love means finding the truth in relationships, especially in our relationship with the environment.


For Matea Benedetti, fashion designer, love means taking care of the environment and animals.

For Lucille, a tattoo artist, love is the engine that keeps you going even when the world seems to collapse on you.