Fidenza Village

Saturday 18 July

Celebrating love means letting it resound clearly for all to hear – whether with rhythm and blues, jazz or swing melodies. The orchestras are ready to captivate and accompany you on hot summer nights to give you a magical moment beyond time and space.

DUO KAOS : acrobatic performance
Between wheels and amazing acrobatics, a strange couple creates a story of movement, transformation and poetry.
With agility and romance, they both begin to understand that one is irreplaceable for the other. Love is confirmed as the perfect loop.

Where: Armani boutique area and Versace boutique/East entrance
Times: 19.00–19.40; 20.30–20.50; 22.00–22.20


POETRY MENU: restaurant entertainment
Elegant waiters present guests with a selection of poems that diners can order from a menu. Onlookers can choose verses that are then recited to them. An intimate and romantic service.
Come and discover some of the most memorable love poetry, from Dante and Shakespeare to Sanguineti and Fosco Maraini, from Brecht and Bukowsky to the vernacular poetry of Totò, De Filippo and Trilussa.
In 2018, the Cultural Society ‘Poetry Menu’ won the BANDO OPEN LAB promoted by the Compagnia di San Paolo.

Where: First performance at Villano
Time: 20.00–20.30
Where: Second performance at Ca’puccino
Time: 20.30–21.00
Where: Third performance at Parma Menù
Time: 21.00–21.30


After having performed on prestigious international stages for the opening of famous concerts, the Fantomatik Orchestra goes on stage in Fidenza Village to liven up summer evenings with an exciting mix of pop, rock, funk, jazz, ethno and progressive music with the sole aim of giving you an uncontrollable urge to dance.

Where: First show (promenade) – from the East entrance to Love
Time: 19.30–20.10
Where: Second show (promenade) – from the West Entrance to Love
Time: 21.00–21.40




RING OF SWING: music band
The irresistible combination of New Orleans swing, Texan country, Mississippi Delta blues, European gypsy and American rock ’n’ roll in an unconventional fusion creates a show of pure enjoyment with an atmosphere of shimmering colours.

Where: Polo Ralph Lauren Children boutique area – Vivienne Westwood/West entrance
Times: 19.00–19.40; 20.30–20.50; 22.00–22.20​