Fidenza Village

Thursday 22 August

The irrepressible joy of those that are in love is contagious and disruptive; it’s an energy that makes you do extraordinary things. The artists are ready, the instruments tuned... only the audience is missing to share and cheer for these adrenaline-fuelled, love-filled performances. 

It's a performance full of energy thanks to an extravagant, colourful and lively musical game. As the winner of the third prize at the Street Music Festival, this show is bursting with life.

Where: First promenade performance from the Main entrance to the West entrance
Time: 19.30–20.10
Where: Second and third static performances: West entrance
Times: 20.30–20.50, 21.40–22.00


A LECTURE ON MYTH: intimate storytelling
Vittorio Continelli will tell the story of love using a journey through time starting from Plato's Symposium interwoven with fables from classical mythology: Echo and Narcissus, Orpheus and Eurydice. It’s a perfect mix of legend, philosophy and poetry.

Where: Fabiana Filippi – Patrizia Pepe boutique area /East avenue
Times: 19.00–19.20; 20.10–20.30; 22.00–22.20


RING OF SWING: music band
The irresistible combination of New Orleans swing, Texan country, Mississippi Delta blues, European gypsy and American rock ’n’ roll in an unconventional fusion creates a show of pure enjoyment with an atmosphere of shimmering colours.

Where: Polo Ralph Lauren Children boutique area – Vivienne Westwood/West entrance
Times: 19.00–19.20; 20.40–21.00; 22.20–22.40


After having performed on prestigious international stages for the opening of famous concerts, the Fantomatik Orchestra goes on stage in Fidenza Village to liven up summer evenings with an exciting mix of pop, rock, funk, jazz, ethno and progressive music with the sole aim of giving you an uncontrollable urge to dance.

Where: First: West Entrance (Static)
Time: 18.30–18.50
Where: Second: promenade performance from the Main entrance to the East
Time: 21.00–21.40